Polly Pocket

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There’s no dream too big, no adventure too small for POLLY POCKET! Polly Pocket brings humor, adventure and heart to every episode. Like our viewers at home, Polly is often told she’s “too little” to do the things she wants to do, But Polly proves what every kid already knows–that being little isn’t a limitation, it’s her greatest strength.

Titel: Polly Pocket (1 seizoen)
Releasejaar: 2018
Genre: Kids
Leeftijdsadvies: Alle
IMDb-cijfer: 6.7
Taal: Nederlands
Nederlands ondertiteld: Nee
Toegevoegd op Amazon Prime Video op: 20-01-2021
Hoofdrolspelers: Emily TennantShannon Chan-KentKazumi Evans

Trailer Polly Pocket

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